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Understanding needs and behaviors

We are all different people. having different values, different needs, different expectations, and different behaviors.


Despite the changing feelings, one needs to know how to produce feelings of trust, love, and confidence, and they are the ones which will ensure that our relationship with the customers will last for a long time.

Development of new products and services

The relationships we build are among the most challenging things. It involves a great deal of sacrificing, mutual understanding, and a desire to continue the shared path in a pleasant and loving way as possible. Sometimes people enter relationships with big expectations that end in big disappointments, and they do not wish to continue being a part of them.

Analysis of decision-making process

Relationships require decision making on a daily basis in all areas of life. There are decisions that are substantial and have broader implications.

Responses to marketing activities

There is no one person who does not have the need for love and excitement.

Does each gesture have the same impact? Sometimes a gesture that seems relatively simple manages to activate other mechanisms and result in more meaningful results.

information and making consumer decisions by them. Similar to a relationship, in which how do you know which gesture will result in which outcome?

Costumer journey analysis

What are the temptations? How do you overcome them over time?

Through the analysis we can gain the needed information, the manner of recruitment, retainment, and loyalty of our customers.

Advertising effectiveness

we must develop the right message, in the right context, and make sure that it does hit the target and achieve the task.

Brand positioning

Similar to the manner in which personality is the one affecting the relationship, so does the brand's personality contributes significantly to the relationship with the consumers. 

Customer satisfaction

We all have expectations that our relationships will be successful, but what will determine their success in practice? Are there certain character traits we should look for in order to increase our chances of being happy in relationships? We must strive and invest significant resources in order to improve the same feeling among our customers. Do we know what points to invest in? Are there elements that need to be focused on in order to gain the highest impact on customer satisfaction?

Managing long-term relationships

The platform, which we named NewSearch, already operates in 22 languages ​​in large number of countries world-wide, and now it is also available in Israel.

Everyone is talking about the growing gap between what people say and what people do.

All in order to reach In-depth insights and make better business decisions.

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